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By Pam Montgomery, Sep 20 2015 07:00AM

Research on successful outcomes in therapy has found one consistent finding time and time again:

Clients feel that therapy has been successful based on the quality of their relationship with their therapist.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what theory-base or therapeutic techniques a therapist uses that guarantees success; but rather, it is their ability to build a trusting, healthy relationship with their client(s) that is the key factor in helping people to achieve their desired goals.

So, how do I find the Right Therapist for me?

By Pam Montgomery, Aug 20 2015 09:00PM

Do you feel like there is no hope for dealing with your growing stress? Certainly, the demands

of life can feel unbearable and unending at times, leaving you feeling helpless and out of

control. But what if you are actually more in control of things than you know? What if the simple

belief that have some control is the key to a life with less stress? Would you be willing to believe? I hope so,

because it’s true!

In fact, managing stress is all about empowering yourself. You have the power to take charge of your life, to focus on the positive things in life rather than the things that take your time, energy and ‘life’ from you. In doing so, you can a balanced life with time for work and responsibilities and relaxation and fun.

How does that sound? Are you willing to give it a shot? If so, let’s take a look at your stress story.

By Pam Montgomery, Jul 11 2015 06:00PM

I love sleep.

If my schedule allowed for me to sleep all day long, I would. It’s a beautiful thing! I’m not sure there’s anything quite like surrounding yourself in the weight of a down comforter, sinking into a soft pillow and drifting off into the sweetness of a dream.

Sleep has always been my refuge. My mom tells me that, even as an infant, anytime I was upset and crying she would simply place me in my bed and I would quickly fall asleep. It’s the same today…as long as I don’t HAVE to sleep. See, I can sleep anywhere, anytime, in the middle of the day, as a quick and easy escape from the stresses or banality of life, but when evening falls my mind races and sleep is no longer a refuge, but a nemesis.

Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you lay awake at night willing your body and mind to quiet? Are you one of those who has solved the world’s problems, created the next literary masterpiece or resolved every relational conflict you’ve ever had with fantasy conversations in your head – all between the hours of 10 PM and 4 AM?

By Pam Montgomery, Jun 15 2015 06:00PM

Well, it's been over three years since I've posted here...three years! Oh, sure, I know why that is. It's not a mystery that I've been distracted. You see, shortly after writing the last post on this blog, I met a guy...

I met this guy who was energetic and loud and had the strangest, unfiltered laugh like I had never heard before. I wasn't really looking for him...not in any real way, but when he showed up on my computer screen this one day, I thought, "there he is!" That's when the mist set in.

Oxytocin: the love hormone, the monogamy hormone, the cuddle hormone, the trust-me drug. When we touch, hold hands for the first time, kiss, oxytocin floods the brain and, well, I call it "love fog."

I have been in a love fog for well over three years. Through courtship, our wedding (one year to the day from the day we met), and the honeymoon years I've been in a bit of a cloud, focussing almost solely on my marriage and the inevitable stress, both good and bad, of blending families and personalities, traditions and expectations...all while going about as normal a life as possible running my counseling practice (Pamela Montgomery MA EMDR); creating, marketing and selling on my three Etsy shops (Made With a Twist, Pamela Grice Art and Violet Serenity Design); and helping my husband with his business (Grice Shaved Ice)

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