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By Pam Montgomery, Feb 13 2016 05:41PM

"I'm an adult! Why do I feel like I'm walking around acting like a child in an adult's body?" or

"Why do I feel like I've been stuck at age 18 for the last 20 years?"

I hear it over and over again, women are struggling to live their lives as adults, with balance, with confidence.

In fact, more and more, research supports the notion of a newly defined developmental stage called adultescence, which is the stage between adolescent and adulthood that seems to be a growing phenomenon. However, this isn't what I'm seeing with my clients. Instead, like many counselors, I see women who are stuck living and believing as a child, not due to over-controlling, hover parents as is the case with adultescence, but as a result of the trauma of childhood abuse.

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