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By Pam Montgomery, Feb 13 2016 07:08PM

It may be months, even years, since the last time you spoke with your therapist. You had a good experience, learned skills to cope with your struggles, overcame some hurtful things and gained valuable insights.

I could be that you stopped therapy knowing that you would need to return at some point or that you and your therapist agreed that you were doing well enough to gradually scale back and, eventually, complete therapy altogether.

So, how do you know if it might be wise to check back in with your therapist, even after some time has passed since your last appointment?

Here are some indicators that it might be wise to schedule appointment:

By Pam Montgomery, Aug 20 2015 09:00PM

Do you feel like there is no hope for dealing with your growing stress? Certainly, the demands

of life can feel unbearable and unending at times, leaving you feeling helpless and out of

control. But what if you are actually more in control of things than you know? What if the simple

belief that have some control is the key to a life with less stress? Would you be willing to believe? I hope so,

because it’s true!

In fact, managing stress is all about empowering yourself. You have the power to take charge of your life, to focus on the positive things in life rather than the things that take your time, energy and ‘life’ from you. In doing so, you can a balanced life with time for work and responsibilities and relaxation and fun.

How does that sound? Are you willing to give it a shot? If so, let’s take a look at your stress story.

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