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What particular issues do you work with?


I help my clients find long-term solutions to any of the following:


  • depression

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • food/body image problems

  • low self-esteem

  • stressful life transitions

  • less than nurturing childhood experiences (abuse, neglect, abandonment)

  • overcoming childhood abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, spiritual)

  • loss of identity

  • finding your purpose in life

  • female sexual addiction

  • partners of sexual addicts


Do I need a referral from my family doctor to see you?


No, just email me directly and we can go from there.


How much does a session cost?


A regular 50-minute session is $95.  While you might typically find a Colorado Springs therapist charging $120/session or more, I prefer to keep my prices lower than average to make it more affordable for clients to get the help they need. There is a $5 discount for cash and check payments.


How much are the groups?


The cost for groups varies depending on the length and type of group that it is. For specifics, please visit the "Services" page and click on the link for the group that you're interested in.


Why might I choose a "self pay" option?


I find that many of my clients, especially those connected with the military, governement,  ministry and law enforcement, appreciate the freedom to pursue counseling without the concern of having mental health issues listed in their medical records.


If finances are a concern, consider attending a group instead of individual counseling.  Groups offer a uniquely beneficial environment for healing within the context of relationship with others who are supportive, accepting and understanding of your journey.


Additionally, many clients have high insurance deductibles and would be paying $2,000 - $5,000 out of pocket payments before their insurance copay would kick in.  So, since they will, essentially, be self-paying, they choose the freedom of selecting the counselor they feel most comfortable working with rather than choosing from a list of therapists from their insurance panel.


Also, some insurance companies and HSAs will reimburse you for out-of-network session. If this is an option with your plan, I would be happy to provide you with "super bill" for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  We can discuss this more at your first appointment.


How long will this process take?


There is no set answer for this question because everyone is unique and I leave it up to you to decide how long you need to see me.  I would typically begin by seeing you on a weekly basis, and then we can change to bi-weekly appointments as we feel is appropriate. I am very flexible with peole’s internal sense of ‘timing’ and keep the door open for clients to come in for a 'tune up' even after we've finished our regular work together.


Life is not easy at the best of times and life transitions an be expecially taxing.  A lot of peole find it helpful to have a therapist there for support and guidance when they feel “derailed” by life events.


How long does it take to get an appointment with you?


I depends on how full my schedule is. As a matter of appropriate self-care, I prefer not to keep my calendar overloaded. So, I can, typically, see you within a week of our initial phone contact.


On occasion, in the summertime, I travel on business with my husband so the wait time for an appointment may be closer to two or three weeks. Just send me a quick email and I'll try to get you on the calendar as quickly as possible.


How do I get a sense of who you are and if you’re the right therapist for me?


For starters, I suggest that you read the "About Me" and "What I Do" pages on the website.


Secondly, I offer a 50% discounted first session for potential clients during which you can ask me questions aout how I practice and I can get to know your particular situation better.  During our time together, you will have the opportunity to get a sense of whether we “click” or not.


Also, if I don’t feel that I am the best therapist for you or you would like to interview a few therapists before making a decision, I am well-connected to a number of helpful resources and would be happy to put you in touch with someone who I think would be better suited to you and your issue.


What can I expect from being in therapy with you?


A very good question and one for which there is no set answer.  In my experience, you get as much out of the experience as you’re willing to put into it.  I’ll be perfectly honest: therapy is hard work and can stir up a lot of emotions and memories that we have tried to ‘stuff down’. It can often be a painful, scary, and messy endeavor – it takes a lot of courage and faith to let go of self-destructive behaviors and beliefs and to roll up your sleeves and thoroughly engage in a healing/self-discovery process.


However, the rewards far outweigh the costs.  I believe that there is nothing more valuable than being self-aware and in a position to freely make life enhancing choices that come from one’s true self: that inner voice that tends to be extremely quiet, but the one that knows what is best for us.


I see the work as being about becoming the best that you can be, while also staying meaningfully connected to the people and the world around you. I also believe that we can only love another fully when we first love ourselves and that is at the core of the work I do.  


Check out the "Services" page to find out more about my groups designed to help women love and honor themselves exactly as they are.


I have questions that aren't answered here.


I'm glad you have questions, it shows that you are invested in yourself and your therapeutic process and won't settle for just anyone.  For answers to further questions about me or my counseling practice, send an email to


Please note, however, that this contact information is for potential client inquiries and media contact only. I am unable to answer specific questions about issues you are struggling with and, if you are not in the Colorado Springs area or unwilling to travel to Colorado Springs, please contact a therapist or mental health center in your area who can offer the support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions