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Adult Children of Narcissistic Systems (ACONS)

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I am Pamela Montgomery MA EMDR, a Registered Psychotherapist, Christian Counselor and Coach. In my Colorado Springs based private private practice, using ecclectic therapy modalities combined with a Christian foundation, I have developed expertise working with women who are dealing with relational struggles, childhood trauma, codependency, low self-esteem, loss of self, stress, anxiety and depression.


I believe there are very few people who are blessed to witness, in this life, the ways in which God has moved in their life and worked 'all things together for good'. I am honored that, each day, I am allowed to see His hand take ashes of my own story and mold them into something beautiful as I work with women, guiding, coaching and supporting them as they grow and heal, moving from hopeless and hurting to whole and healing.                 Learn more here...

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ACONS is a small-group designed to provide education, support and encouragement for women recovering from the damage of being raised in a narcissistic family system.  By this, we mean any family in which the needs of the parents outweighed the needs of the child - whether overtly (as in families in where one or both parents exhibit traits of Cluster B personality disorders: antisocial, narcissistic, borderline or histrionic) or covertly (as in a family where the behavior of the child was rewarded or punished based solely on how that behavior reflected on the parent's image).


Some, but not all, of the common symptoms of having been raised in a narcissistic family are:

  • a chronic need to please

  • an inability to identify feelings, needs and wants

  • a need for constant validation

  • feeling that the bad things that happened in your childhood were well deserved (it was your fault)

  • difficulty being assertive

  • being easily angered, but, also, being easily beaten down

  • explosive and upredictable rage

  • difficulty trusting others

  • chronic dissatisfaction (though often kept quiet for fear of being called a whiner)

  • a sense of emptiness and lack of self-knowing


If you feel this looks an awful lot like Codependence, you're right! Codependence is often born out of a narcissistic family system.


Resources used in this group will be provided throughout the course and are self-published by the counselor, unless otherwise noted.


This will be an ongoing group which will meet on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, please e-mail Pam at for more information or to join the group. The group will begin in Mid-April 2016