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What Are People Saying About Pam?

"Pam is a genuine caring person and she really helped me process the new situations going on in my life at the time. She helped me process the loss of my mom, the loss associated with my childhood home and the loss of my job. She also helped me process the gain of a new love relationship and to embrace the joy that went with it. Pam's voice and influence still impacts me today as I live on in life as well as the tools she has equipped me with still provides the sustinance to function in a healthy lifestyle. A lot of work depended on me, but Pam was there to be a guiding hand."

"Pam is a gifted, compassionate, and insightful counselor.  Working with her has forever changed my life for the good."



"Pam is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful and insightful individuals I know. She is committed to her professional work and will serve those who hire her with integrity, honesty and honor. With reverence she holds each sacred journey she gets to encounter. Knowing and working with Pam is an honor and privilege. I highly recommend Pam and all she has to offer."

"I went to see Pam with a specific issue in mind, but through my work with her, discovered a deep well of unresolved pain. Having uncovered this well, I have hope now that I will finally be free of the weight of this pain that has crushed me for many years."


"I’ll forever be grateful for all of the healing I’ve experienced through my work with Pam.  She has been a safe, gentle, supportive, and honest guide through some very difficult and painful memories."

"One of the things I appreciate most about Pam is that she is always “for me.”  I always feel supported, no matter what we’re talking about."

"Pam really understands what it’s like to work through deeply painful wounds from the past. Nothing I say is overwhelming to her, no matter what it feels like to me."

"Pam is awesome to work with! She has a true empathetic gift and is incredibly insightful. I experienced a lot of healing while working with Pam. I would recommend her services hands down!"


"Pam is a very caring christian counselor. She is compassionate and understanding. Pam performs a variety of counseling methods to get to the root of the problem. I would highly recommend Pam."


Are you ready to begin your Journey of Hope?

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I am Pamela Montgomery MA EMDR, a Registered Psychotherapist, Christian Counselor and Coach. In my Colorado Springs based private private practice, using ecclectic therapy modalities combined with a Christian foundation, I have developed expertise working with women who are dealing with relational struggles, childhood trauma, codependency, low self-esteem, loss of self, stress, anxiety and depression.


I believe there are very few people who are blessed to witness, in this life, the ways in which God has moved in their life and worked 'all things together for good'. I am honored that, each day, I am allowed to see His hand take ashes of my own story and mold them into something beautiful as I work with women, guiding, coaching and supporting them as they grow and heal, moving from hopeless and hurting to whole and healing.                 Learn more here...

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