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This group is for:

A 15-week experiential creative community for artists.


This group is for:

  • artists who are ‘stuck’

  • creatives who want to experience greater freedom and spiritual connection in their

  • creative process  

  • individuals who begin projects and abandon them  

  • people who would like to explore the creative life

  • those whose creative spirit has been injured and needs restoration and nurturing


Inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” this 15 week group utilizes movement, prayer, ritual and sound along with the some Artists' Way resources and additional therapeutic process to facilitate an awakening of spiritual connection with God, curiosity, playfulness and healing – returning hearts to their natural childlike state of freedom, deepening spiritual paths and strengthening emotional well-being.  As a group, we will co-create an intimate and deep connection, allowing community to support us in transforming "work" into celebration of God's gift of creativity.


No prior art or writing experience is necessary - the only requirement is a heart open to experience the emerging process.



The Way of the Creative

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I am Pamela Montgomery MA EMDR, a Registered Psychotherapist, Christian Counselor and Coach. In my Colorado Springs based private private practice, using ecclectic therapy modalities combined with a Christian foundation, I have developed expertise working with women who are dealing with relational struggles, childhood trauma, codependency, low self-esteem, loss of self, stress, anxiety and depression.


I believe there are very few people who are blessed to witness, in this life, the ways in which God has moved in their life and worked 'all things together for good'. I am honored that, each day, I am allowed to see His hand take ashes of my own story and mold them into something beautiful as I work with women, guiding, coaching and supporting them as they grow and heal, moving from hopeless and hurting to whole and healing.                 Learn more here...

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