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What to Expect

When you contact me, we will chat a little bit about the issues that you're wanting to address, what you're hoping to achieve in counseling and I'll answer any questions you have (in the meantime, feel free to check out the FAQ page to see if your question is answered there).  If you feel ready, we will schedule your first appointment which will be a 50-minute appointment.  Please print off the client intake packet, fill it out and bring it with you to that appointment.  




Please remember to bring the intake paperwork with you to your first appointment.


In order to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for healing, I recently moved my practice from the Tall Oak Counseling Center to my home. So, when you arrive at my office, you will be arriving at my home at 5481 Pioneer Mesa Dr. in Colorado Springs.


Please feel free to park in the empty space in the driveway.  


If the front door is open, I am ready for your session and you can simply knock on the front door.  Because I schedule a 15 minute brake between clients, it would be extremely rare for clients to overlap. However, a closed front door means that I am still with a client and would ask that you wait in your car for her to exit.


After I meet you at the door, we will proceed to my office downstairs. There, you can choose to sit wherever feels most comfortable to you.


While the first time meeting with a new counselor can cause anxiety, I will do my best to make it a comfortable experience for you.  I will answer any questions you might have and we will chat about your concerns, your story, your family of origin and current circumstances and concernts.  While it is best that the conversation be as open as possible, you are free to share as much or as little as you are comfortable with in the moment.


Together, we will develop a treatment plan to address the problems that you're facing.


We will schedule your next appointment before you leave.  I prefer to schedule appointments on a weekly basis in order to ensure continued movement toward health.


Before you leave, I'll collect your payment (cash, check or CC) and you will, likely, be sent home with some 'homework' to work on for your next appointment.


See! Not so scary after all.

When you first contact me...

Your first appointment

If you're ready for your first appointment

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I am Pamela Montgomery MA EMDR, a Registered Psychotherapist, Christian Counselor and Coach. In my Colorado Springs based private private practice, using ecclectic therapy modalities combined with a Christian foundation, I have developed expertise working with women who are dealing with relational struggles, childhood trauma, codependency, low self-esteem, loss of self, stress, anxiety and depression.


I believe there are very few people who are blessed to witness, in this life, the ways in which God has moved in their life and worked 'all things together for good'. I am honored that, each day, I am allowed to see His hand take ashes of my own story and mold them into something beautiful as I work with women, guiding, coaching and supporting them as they grow and heal, moving from hopeless and hurting to whole and healing.                 Learn more here...

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